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Free during beta!

Participate in our beta to try Coygo completely free. Your feedback is our most valuable resource as we continue to evolve and improve Coygo to be the single best solution for digital asset traders. Once our beta is complete the pricing plans below will be made available.

  • No limits on the number of exchanges you can connect.
  • No limits on number of trades or transfers.
  • Submit market, limit and stop-limit orders.
  • View real-time charts, indicators, technical analysis, and order book data analysis.
  • Track aggregated portfolio balances and charts from every exchange.
  • Live chat and email support from the Coygo team.

Pro plans

If you’re an active trader who manages accounts on multiple digital asset exchanges, our Pro Plans offer the best value. Purchase long-term access to the Coygo application so that you can trade and check your portfolio whenever you need at a discounted rate.

1 Year

  • $130
  • $0.35/day
  • 5 day free trial

1 Month

  • $14
  • $0.45/day
  • 5 day free trial

Casual plans

If you have accounts on multiple digital asset exchanges but you don’t trade every day, our Casual Plans offer the best value. If you want to make a few trades and check up on your portfolio, you can purchase short-term access to the Coygo application only when you need it.

1 Week

  • $5
  • $0.71/day
  • 2 day free trial

1 Day

  • $1
  • No discount
  • 1 day free trial

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