Coygo's Crypto Trading Bots Now Support Limit Orders for Triangular Arbitrage

Coygo’s crypto trading bots now support limit orders for triangular arbitrage!

Hello again crypto traders! I know it’s been awhile since our last update but rest assured we’ve been working diligently to vastly improve Coygo Terminal’s fully automated cryptocurrency trading bots suite so that we can offer the best possible tools for traders like yourself. After months of development and testing our latest release enables our triangular arbitrage crypto trading bot to fully support limit orders! This includes things like allowing you to configure the maximum # of open orders for a trading bot, automatically cancelling any open orders when the bot is stopped, and simulating limit orders when running bots in Test Mode and “paper trading”. This release also improves overall stability and performance and fixes a number of issues identified by our users. If you’ve ever been interested in trying crypto bot trading now is a great time to give Coygo Terminal a shot with a free trial!

A recap for the newcomers

If you’re familiar with crypto/Bitcoin arbitrage software then you may already be familiar with Coygo Terminal, but if not here’s a recap: Coygo Terminal is a downloadable desktop application for crypto traders that offers tools like real-time market insights, portfolio tracking, arbitrage scanning and more. Earlier this year we released a beta for a new feature within Coygo Terminal for creating and running fully automated crypto trading bots on supported exchanges like Binance, Kraken, and Coinbase Pro. Initially we’ve focused on arbitrage trading bot strategies, with our crypto triangular arbitrage bot being our most popular, but we have big plans for the future!

Continue reading for details on our latest release.

Coygo Terminal and Coygo MobileCoygo Terminal and Coygo Mobile

Coygo’s triangular arbitrage crypto trading bot now supports limit orders!

For this release, we have completely rewritten our trading bots engine from the ground up to support limit orders. Previously our trading bots have only supported submitting market orders when an arbitrage opportunity is found. New limit order support means that when you run a triangular arbitrage trading bot you can now configure it to submit limit orders at the desired rate, which can help avoid some of the execution risk associated with market orders. Both market and limit orders come with their own advantages and disadvantages and now you have the power to decide which is right for you.

New bot config properties for limit ordersNew bot config properties for limit orders

Some details of our trading bots’ limit order support:

View your trading bot’s balances estimated USD value before you run the bot

We’ve made it easier to see how much your bot’s wallet balances are before you run the bot, whether you’re running it in Test Mode with simulated balances or in Live Mode with actual wallet balances.

Test Mode trading bot wallet balances preview

When configuring the simulated wallet balances for a bot about to be run in Test Mode you can specify any amount of fake money for your bot to use. Now the estimated USD value of each balance is also shown to make it easier to understand how much money you’ve allotted your bot in Test Mode (seen in the blue text on the left side).

View USD values of simulated wallet balances when configuring a bot run in TEST ModeView USD values of simulated wallet balances when configuring a bot run in TEST Mode

Live Mode trading bot wallet balances preview

When you’re about to run a bot in Live Mode the relevant wallets’ available balances on your connected exchanges, and the estimated USD value of each wallet, is now shown. This makes it much easier to know how much money your bot will be trading with before you run it.

View your live wallet balances when configuring a bot run in Live ModeView your live wallet balances when configuring a bot run in Live Mode

Other fixes & improvements

This release also includes a number of stability and performance improvements to our trading bots suite as a whole. We’d like to thank our beta users for helping us identify a number of areas for improvement!

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