Coygo Terminal Crypto Trading Bots Now Have an Improved Test Mode

Coygo Terminal crypto trading bots now have an improved Test Mode

Recently we announced that Coygo Terminal now supports fully automated crypto trading bots. Today we’ve released an update that improves the experience of testing bot strategies in Test Mode given the feedback from our users, as well as a number of other improvements:

Use the Arbitrage Scanner to find a trade pair for your crypto arbitrage bot

If you’re using an arbitrage strategy, you can use Coygo Terminal’s real-time arbitrage scanner to find which trade pairs have spreads that a trading bot can take advantage of.

Crypto Arbitrage Scanner for trading botsCrypto Arbitrage Scanner for trading bots

Test Mode trading bot balances

Crypto trading bots run in Test Mode can now be given fake wallet balances to use while trading.

You can now set Test Mode bot fake wallet balancesYou can now set Test Mode bot fake wallet balances

Bots now track wallet balances over time

Bots will now record the balances of their relevant wallets over time to better indicate the performance of a strategy configuration. When used with bots in Test Mode, this allows you to track profits and losses over time.

Trading bot balances are now recorded over timeTrading bot balances are now recorded over time

Let us know what you think!

We were able to add these improvements to Coygo Terminal because our users have been providing constant feedback and helping us understand how to best solve their problems. We’d love to know what you think! Anyone can try Coygo Terminal for free today by signing up at