Coygo Terminal Crypto Arbitrage Improvements

Coygo Terminal crypto arbitrage improvements

Hello digital asset traders! We’ve just released an update to the crypto arbitrage features of Coygo Terminal that we’re sure you’ll all be excited to try. This update focuses on three main things: helping you search and filter profitable spreads, helping you configure and submit orders as fast as possible when a profitable spread appears, and application stability and performance.

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Pre-configure arbitrage orders to submit trades as quickly as possible

Capitalizing on arbitrage spreads is all about speed, as they may only exist for less than a couple of seconds. Coygo Terminal now has three options to help maximize profit without incurring slippage and submit orders as quickly as possible:

Coygo Terminal pre-configured abitrage order amountsCoygo Terminal pre-configured abitrage order amounts

Improved filtering of crypto arbitrage spreads

When searching for a profitable spread, you may only be interested in spreads above a certain threshold. For example if your trading fees will be 0.1%, maybe you only want to search for spreads of at least 0.25%. You might also only be interested in spread where the potential profit is greater than a certain amount, say $5. Coygo Terminal now allows you to set the minimum spread percentage and estimate USD profit to be considered a profitable spread, see the top of the Arbitrage 2.0 screen below.

Configure arbitrage spread filtersConfigure arbitrage spread filters

Display estimated max profit of a crypto arbitrage spread

A spread of 10% won’t mean much if the max profit on that spread is only $1 because it’s such a small order size. As seen in the GIF above, Coygo Terminal will now provide an estimated max profit (before fees) in USD for each spread to make it easy to quickly assess if you want to try profiting from that spread.

Normalize order amounts data precision between exchanges

Different exchanges support different levels of data precision when submitting orders. For example, if Exchange A allows up to three decimal places (ex: 0.001) but exchange B only allows up to two decimal places (ex: 0.01), when submitting accompanying orders with the same amount you’ll need to submit an order amount with no more than two decimal places. Now by default Coygo Terminal has “Normalize order amount precision” enabled, which will normalize order amounts to the lowest decimal count allowed by either exchange when submitting orders or calculating potential profits.

Bitfinex data-only support

We’ve had many users request Bitfinex to be included as a supported exchange. Coygo Terminal now has data-only support for Bitfinex, meaning that you can use all real-time data tools and include Bitfinex in arbitrage spread calculations. You are unable to connect your account or submit orders to Bitfinex with Coygo Terminal at this time.

General application stability & performance

Coygo Terminal connects your machine directly to each exchange’s real-time websocket data feed, and all calculations are happening on your machine. This allows us to provide the best possible latency, but it means that your machine is doing *a lot *of complicated things *very quickly. *Because of this, there are many things that may cause slow downs, stutters, and in rare cases even application crashes. We’ve identified a number of issues and included many improvements in this release to help provide as much application stability and performance as possible.

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