How to Build a Cryptocurrency Trading Bot With the Coygo Api

How to build a cryptocurrency trading bot with the Coygo API Building a cryptocurrency bot can be challenging. You need access to real-time information without latency from a number of different exchange websocket APIs, you need to manage orders with REST APIs to each exchange, and a number of other things that require a lot of work and coding. Today I’ll be demonstrating how the Coygo API, a node.js package provided by Coygo, makes this process very easy and let’s developers focus on what matters most.

3 Tools to Master Crypto Day Trading and Always Stay Ahead of the Competition

3 Tools To Master Crypto Day Trading And Always Stay Ahead Of The Competition Day trading cryptocurrencies can be a tricky beast. Crypto markets never close so there isn’t really a definitive end of the day, but the idea is the same as day trading other asset classes like stocks. You trade throughout the day and close any positions before going to sleep or calling it quits. With day trading the key to staying ahead of the competition is having access to the right data and being able to quickly gain insights from that data.

How to Profit From Crypto Arbitrage Trading

How to profit from crypto arbitrage trading Arbitrage trading is a common strategy for day traders, regardless of which asset class they’re trading. If done right it can guarantee a quick profit, but tracking down the profitable spreads and acting on them quickly is key to success. What is arbitrage? If you’ve never participated in arbitrage trading before, it involves exploiting price differences across multiple exchanges. For example, if the BAT-ETH market is trading for 0.

Trade on Bittrex With Confidence Using Coygo

Trade on Bittrex with confidence using Coygo Here at Coygo our goal is to provide the best possible tools for cryptocurrency and digital asset traders so that you can make the right decisions and trade with confidence. Since most crypto traders manage accounts on multiple exchanges, it’s our job to support every exchange our customers are using to ensure they can benefit from everything Coygo has to offer. Today we are happy to announce that Coygo now includes full support for Bittrex.

Gain an Advantage Trading Crypto With Coygo Now Open to the Public

Gain an advantage trading crypto with Coygo, now open to the public Coygo offers a secure, all-in-one multi-exchange cryptocurrency trading tool for professional traders. From real-time insights to trading to portfolio tracking, if you trade cryptocurrencies Coygo can save you time and give you an advantage over your competition. Here at Coygo we’ve been in a closed invite-only beta for about two years now, gathering invaluable feedback and iterating on our product to ensure we’re building the best possible solution for cryptocurrency and digital asset traders.

How to Read Cryptocurrency Charts Analyze Order Books and Trade Confidently

📈 How to read cryptocurrency charts, analyze order books, and trade confidently Awhile back I wrote an article on how to read charts and indicators when trading cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Since then we’ve added a number of helpful tools to the Coygo application to assist traders in their day-to-do operations and make it easier to quickly analyze market data, so I thought it was about time for a new guide.

Analyze Crypto Trading Trends Spot Whales With Coygo

Analyze crypto trading trends & spot whales with Coygo We’ve been hard at work at Coygo developing features for real-time insights and analysis of digital asset markets, since we know getting an edge over your competition is all about data. You need access to as much real-time data as possible, and you need that data shown in ways that provide meaningful insights at a glance. Today we’re happy to announce a new tool that we provide within Coygo, Trade Analysis.

Find Trade Crypto Arbitrage Opportunities With Coygo No Api Keys Required

Find & trade crypto arbitrage opportunities with Coygo, no API keys required. Hello crypto traders! If you’re interested in exploiting arbitrage opportunities, Coygo’s latest update makes it easier than ever to spot price spreads in real-time across multiple exchanges and act on them. Continue reading to see live GIFs and more information. Crypto arbitrage scanner If this is your first time hearing about Coygo, we provide a secure multi-exchange cryptocurrency analytics and trading terminal.

Coygo Update 7 31 2019 Kraken Support Powerful Custom Searching and Filtering of Coins

Coygo Update 7/31/2019 — Kraken support, powerful custom searching and filtering of coins Crypo traders, we’ve got some exciting news from the Coygo team! The Kraken exchange is now officially supported within the Coygo application. Kraken is consistently one of the highest volume exchanges in the world and has a proven track record of security and legal compliance, so we are happy to support our users who have accounts with them.

Coygo Update 7 17 2019 Performance Improvements Preparing for a Full Launch

Coygo Update 7/17/2019 — Performance improvements & preparing for a full launch The Coygo team is here again to announce details on our latest update to the Coygo application. We recently launched a massive update that brought real-time order book data and analysis. Keeping and updated order book and crunching all of those numbers in real-time takes a significant amount of CPU and RAM on your machine, so this update aims to increase performance all around by reducing CPU and RAM usage wherever possible while still retaining all of that data analysis we know traders need.